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thursday, december 14

Coming soon...

US Map of jobs with each state colored to indicate the number of jobs matching your keywords. Call it "Color by Job".

Keep a close eye here in the coming days...

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wednesday, october 04
- The background color of selected jobs from the current day is now green
- The background color of manually added saved jobs is now green
- Manually added saved jobs fields can now be edited in addition to notes
- Upon editing notes, a timestamp header line is automatically entered
- More organizations added

wo 6:10 AM, EDT - [Link] - Comments ()
tuesday, september 26
Add Your Own Saved Jobs
Now you can add your own saved jobs, not just the ones from the "selected jobs" tab. This enables you to manage each manually entered job along with your "saved jobs" allowing you to add notes to it, rate the company you associated with it, and remove it.

wo 3:30 PM, EDT - [Link] - Comments ()
monday, september 25
Job Notes
- Keep notes in each saved job. The "notes" link opens a text area to place notes about your saved job. This is useful for capturing information and conversations you have with recruiters.

Coming soon...
- Adding a saved job manually

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saturday, september 23
Map My Jobs Updates
- Our new logo has been released
- Page layout changes were made to the company ratings and Job Search
- The date format was updated in "selected jobs" and "saved jobs"
- The "contact us" page is now available
- Our blog is now at mapmyjobs.html

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thursday, september 21
Company ratings have been simplified and made more usable.

wo 8:51 PM, EDT - [Link] - Comments ()
wednesday, september 20
The selected jobs tab now shows a summary of jobs returned from a search. It displays the location and the number of jobs there. Also, the summary is ordered by location for ease of use. Each location is presented as a link that will display the jobs for that location when clicked. You can get back to the job summary from the selected jobs tab at any time.

Summary of selected jobs  Selected jobs detail with summary link

wo 12:40 PM, EDT - [Link] - Comments ()
tuesday, september 19
Save Searches!

Members can now save searches by name.

wo 1:07 PM, EDT - [Link] - Comments ()
monday, september 18
Announcing the Blog!


Find a job more easily by leveraging the power of aggregation, mapping and AJAX. Look here for more information in the days to come.

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